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holiday 08-22-2012 03:58 PM

Bold 9000 T-Mo / 3G / Unlocking issues
I am currently using an unlocked 8310 Curve on T-Mobile.

A couple of months ago, I bought a beautiful used Bold 9000 off ebay. It had been in a skin case during virtually all of its prior user's contract, so it is in virtually pristine condition. It is still locked to AT&T.

My plan was to switch over to AT&T when my T-mobile contract ended in September, and start a new plan on AT&T and use the Bold 9000.

However, I am now thinking of unlocking the 9000 for use on T-Mo because I can actually save about $50 a month by going to a pre-paid BB plan on T-Mo when my contract ends. I don't *really* want to go on a pre-paid plan, but the savings would be a huge help right now.

One way or another, my goal was to ultimately use the 9000 no matter what as I feel it is such a solid device and an still an adequate performer all things considered.

One thing that I was concerned about on the 9000 was the inability to use 3g on T-Mo. Doesn't really matter to me, because where I live and work (home office) there is no T-Mo 3g service anyway, only EDGE. When I leave the neighborhood, T-Mo gets excellent signal everywhere else (even 3g) but as I am using an older Curve that is EDGE only, it really makes no difference either way. EDGE is fine for my internet needs, and I like the fact that EDGE uses less batter life anyway.

One concern with regards to this 3g was the original inability to toggle 3g off on the 9000. Apparently, this has been remedied on my personal 9000 by the prior owner with whatever updates he did to the phone. I can now toggle between 3g and 2g or 2g only.

My big overarching questions are as follows:

1. Can I unlock the 9000 and use on T-Mo without removing the ability to toggle the 3g off? I mean, is the 3g / 2g switch currently allowed in the OS version on the phone carrier-specific? Will unlocking and sending T-Mo service books / HRT registration kill this option? It seems redundant to assume this, in light of the fact that T-Mo doesn't offer the 3g frequencies needed for this device anyway, but we are talking about unlocking a carrier-specific phone here. I know wierd things can happen...

2. What is the most recent OS I can install on the 9000 if I unlock it and plan to use it on T-Mo? Most recent meaning most up-to-date official release that has been working well for everyone here.


Dubdub 08-22-2012 04:32 PM

Re: Bold 9000 T-Mo / 3G / Unlocking issues
1. Unlocking should not change it. Updating the OS might.

2. See the sticky at the top of the 9000 section for the latest OS and instructions.

holiday 08-29-2012 03:41 PM

Re: Bold 9000 T-Mo / 3G / Unlocking issues
Ok, so I got the Bold unlocked and got my T-Mo SIM in the thing.

Since there was no option for the Bold 9000 on the T-Mo website, I choose the BB Curve 8900 (figuring it was the closest match), and registered it that way on the HRT and the service books. My email accounts all transferred over and are working fine. Regular text and picture messages also working.

However, no t-zones browser, in fact, the regular BB browser icon is missing from the menu tray. My work around was to assign the left convenience key to the regular internet browser. It works fine, gets on the web fine.

My concern is using the 8900 as the assigned phone on T-Mo's site. I haven't heard of this fix before and I was wondering if this will cause any issues, either with the service provider (since it isn't the right phone) or the phone itself. So far, everything is working fine.

Also, should I bother going up to 5.0 on this device? It is running 4.6 and I don't see any real problems with 4.6 at this time. What more could I get if I got it up to 5.0? Thanks.

Dubdub 08-29-2012 04:57 PM

Re: Bold 9000 T-Mo / 3G / Unlocking issues
IMHO, if the device works as you need, it doesn't require to be fixed with an OS update,

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