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xxaarraa 04-27-2010 07:36 AM

BB 9100 showing up on Craigslist legit?
Hey folks,

I am seeing quite a few BB 9100s listed for sale in the Toronto area in CG. Wondering if these are legit? I have heard of prototype devices that get turned off once the official phone is launched, don't want to dump $$ into a dud. Let me know your opinions, thanks!

ezrunner 04-27-2010 07:47 AM

Wirelessly posted (well lookie here!)

They may be be proto's or engineering models if so odd are PIN is disabled or soon will be! If these are in fact 9100's. I'd stay away personally unless you have cash to burn

tbianico79 07-15-2010 03:34 AM

don't trust craigslist

HannaBB 12-15-2010 12:49 PM

Re: BB 9100 showing up on Craigslist legit?
I wish they started showing up on CL here!!! I yet to see one!

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