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al_shearer_9 10-13-2010 07:59 AM

Problems with New Pearl 3G 9105

I recently purchased a Blackberry Pearl 3G 9105, three days ago in fact. This is my first Blackberry and I have a number of queries with it so was wondering if someone could help me?

1. How do I select multiple e mails and text messages in order to delete them?

I have heard that this canít be done on this phone but surely this canít be true. I have tried holding down the ĎaAí button while scrolling but this does nothing.

2. How do I select multiple recipients in order to send a group text?

For example, on my last phone I could type a text, and then select a number of people to send it to by scrolling down my contacts and simply clicking on each recipient I wished to send the text to.

3. Email settings. I have my hotmail account set up. When I receive an e mail it shows that I have 1 unread Email. However if I am at my desk and I have read the email on my PC, the Blackberry still shows it as unread. Is there any way to change this so when emails are read on my PC they are shown as unread on my phone?

4. My scrolling button is sticking. I have changed the sensitivity to different settings but it hasnít solved the problem. It just doesnít run smoothly.

5. The keypad has stopped lighting up. It sometimes does light up but most the time the lighting isnít working.

6. I copied my contacts from my old SIM to the phone. I now want to copy all my contacts to my new SIM card. I cant see any options to do this all at once. There is an option to copy a contact if you open individual contacts but not all contacts at once.

I have tried taking the battery out and seeing if that solves any of the problems but it hasnít worked. Are these common problems or do you think I have a faulty phone?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

MidnightDraven 10-13-2010 08:14 AM

1. I believe its the ALT key, not the aA key.
Otherwise highlighting the date bar and menu - delete prior, will delete everything prior to that date, if that helps.

2. You type the first name and select from the drop down, and it goes to a second TO line, you do the same pressing enter after each one till you've got them all and press Enter once to get new TO line, and again to go to main body of text message to type text message.

3. Hotmail doesn't do this through BIS. There is not way.

5. There is a light sensor, if ambient light is high, it won't light up.

6. Correct, you cannot copy all contacts to SIM at once. Its a one number at time copy. and that includes every number within a contact. i.e. highlight mobile number of 1 contact, menu - copy to sim, then highlight home number of that contact and menu - copy to sim.

al_shearer_9 10-13-2010 09:04 AM

Thank you that is really helpful.

However, where is the ALT key? the 9105 doesn't have a qwerty keyboard so is there an equivalent?

Thanks again

Dubdub 10-13-2010 09:17 AM

Look at the FAQ for our tips on using the BB. Also check out Stinsonddog's tip site in my signature. All else fails, read your user guide!

a.petrov 10-17-2010 04:34 AM

for your question #1:
press the aA key and keep it pressed while selecting multiple items

(in order for this to work you need to update your device software. it works for sure with the last one ....*.884 version, but it might even work with the previous one)

so check what soft version do you have first

smccullagh 01-08-2011 06:09 PM

Re: Problems with New Pearl 3G 9105
To access the Alt function on the 9105 you press, in sequence;

volume up
volume down
volume up
volume down
volume up

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