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smccullagh 11-02-2010 05:50 PM

Clearing Uninstalled App List
I've read a few threads on this all geared towards other models, but no tips that work on the Pearl 3G. Does anyone know how to clear down the uninstalled app list on this phone?

smccullagh 11-04-2010 04:08 AM

Well, I found my own solution to this - although it's somewhat extreme, and not one I'd recommend!

1. Backup all content you want to keep to the desktop software
2. Create a new MyWorld account
3. Perform a factory reset

Like I say - extreme, but if you really want to do it then it does work. Aaaannndddd, since apps, pictures and music tend to be stored on the memory card as opposed to the phone memory these remain in tact - so long as that's where they're stored!


Mandel 11-04-2010 11:24 AM

It is extreme... indeed.

I am assuming you're talking of clearing the list in BlackBerry Application World. If so, this has nothing to do with the Pearl 3G or any other specific terminal.

I do not think there is a way to clear the list of uninstalled applications in the version 2.0 of BBAW. -- In the previous release you could type ALT RST and it would clear the buffer.

smccullagh 11-04-2010 11:29 AM

Yeah - I'm a Blackberry newbie - first Blackberry!

I've realised that there's a list stored online on MyWorld as well as on the device - the only way to clear the device is using the method above, but the online version requires a new MyWorld account.

I think RIM are being a bit short sighted on this one...

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