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mayhem.rules 01-13-2011 09:51 AM

Airtel GPRS not working on BB Pearl 9100

I recently purchased a Blackberry Pearl 3G 9100. Earlier I owned a Nokia 6230i phone and had GPRS activated on my Airtel prepaid no. Now I use the same Airtel prepaid card in my Blackberry. However, the GPRS does not work on the BB. I have reactivated the GPRS service on my card. But it does not work.

I have contacted Airtel BB phone support. They say the GPRS wont work on my BB and that I would have to activate BIS on my Airtel prepaid card. I do not want to activate the BIS on my card as it is quite expensive and also I do not need to use all the services that are provided through BIS.

To verify the GPRS functionality, I have tried using a BPL Loop mobile card with GPRS activated in my Blackberry phone. Guess works fantastically !!! and all the BB support guys still have to say is that GPRS will not work on the BB...Go for BIS...

Can you please guide me what the issue could be and how and where can I get it resolved.




MidnightDraven 01-13-2011 10:08 AM

Re: Airtel GPRS not working on BB Pearl 9100
Please do not double post.
answered here:

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