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larsus 11-04-2010 03:15 AM

Texting issues
Help! I am having trouble sending some text messages to certain contacts. I have tried SMS and MMS both to send messages to their cell phones. On my side, it appears as if the messages have gone through and, in fact, it says the message was sent. However, certain recipients are not receiving the messages.
They can text me, and I receive them just fine. When I reply, they just dont get them! I have tried changing the format of the numbers...such as removing the area code and only using the 7 digit number. I have also tried removing the 1 in front of the area code. I have no idea what to do to correct this?
Any suggestions?

BesJr 11-04-2010 04:29 AM

Even we control and resolve everything at my company through the BES when comes to my pepole having texting issues we refer them to the carrier to resolve. probably nothing you are doing, or it's a coverage good example, not refering to texting but pulling voice mails, in New Orleans, sprint user, pulls their voice mail, crosses the street, canal st. on other side of street can't pull VM's.......was a coverage issue.....that was one that baffled me for long time til found out if aren't in a coverage area can't pull emails, even if you could 25 yards away from where you were just at. hope helps..

Motorcycle Mama 11-04-2010 05:00 PM

What carrier(s) are the people on who are not getting the messages?

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