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tigerhawk33 11-12-2010 02:49 PM

Viewing Youtube on 3G Curve
Hi there. I'm about to buy a new BB Curve 3G 9300. But I wanted to ask two questions to alleviate some worries that I have...

1. I'm with Mobilicity, a Canadian who uses Band 4 or AWS (1700 MHz). If I buy a locked Rogers Blackberry Curve 3G off of someone, can I unlock it and make it work with Mobilicity? It says on that the Curve 3G is capable of multiple bands. (;422.php)

2. I am hearing people who buy the Curve 3G or the Bold 9700 on the Mobilicity network are having trouble viewing Youtube videos, even with the right application being used. If they tether however, they can watch their Youtube videos fine on their laptops. Mobilicity customer support doesn't know how to fix such an issue. I truly enjoy watching Youtube, and the idea of watching stuttering & buffering videos is not good in my mind. Other smartphones on Mobilicity don't seem to have this same problem (Curve 3G: Youtube doesn't work?). Please read Post #28 because the statement there worries me. Can anyone elabortate?

Thank you everyone! The person who I am planning to buy the Curve 3G from will wait until my fears are gone. I want to join and become a BB fan! But if these problems persist that I read on HowardForums, I was thinking about the Win7 phone, or the Android. But I'd rather support a Canadian company for I'm a Canuck, eh! :razz:

MidnightDraven 11-12-2010 04:18 PM

Re: Viewing Youtube on 3G Curve
1. No. Only a T-mobile US or Wind Mobile Curve 3G will be able to get 3G.
Rogers use a different 3G band.
Or better yet, get the Curve 3G from them, they offer it.

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