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popeng 08-28-2011 08:43 PM

Help on updating my OS from to please
Hi, let me say thanks at this point for reading this and trying to help me

I have a BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G and it's on platform on App Version I'm from the Philippines so mentioning my carrier might be useless 'cause you may not be familiar with it, but nevertheless, it's Sun Mobile. I currently don't have a data plan but I know you don't need a data plan to update your OS so therexxx65279;.

I want to upgrade my OS to (the latest for now). Here are the ways I've tried in order to do that:

Way 1:

I've googled that you can update via the mobile itself, I've tried looking for the Wireless Update Icon but didn't find it on the menu even if I choose the Show All option. I've tried going to Options>Device>Advanced System Settings>Host Routing Table>Register Now but nothing happened.

Way 2:

I've downloaded Desktop Manager version 6.1, connected my phone on the computer. I've clicked the Update Now Button, then it showed me that updates are available (which is I've clicked Get Update, then got an error saying that I must first get the latest Device Software first in order to begin the updating process of the phone. So I clicked install, then the computer started downloading the update, after the download, I clicked on install and ran the program, it said to remove the phone from the computer and so I did, after clicking some "Nexts" buttons it showed a new window "BlackBerry Device Software Updater" and saying a message "Please wait while Windows configures BlackBerry Device Software Updater". It's been going for more than 4 hours now and nothing happens, there's not even a progress bar on it, just that window saying that message, I checked on the task manager but it says running and it doesn't say Not Respongding so it must be working, it just goes on forever. After waiting for 6 hours, I cancelled it, remove and reinstalled Desktop Manager, did the same process and got the same result. Btw, I have a Quad Core Win7 computer.

Way 3:

This way I haven't tried yet and I guess I won't be willing to try 'cause I'm afraid I'd mess up my phone, but I'll tell you anyhow just to show I'm already aware of this way of updating. I've read that I need to download the OS itself,install it, enter the folder apploader from prog files\common files\rim etc, delete vendor.xml, click loader and install the program. Some even say that I must pull the battery fast and such. Well, I guess I won't try this option cause this may mess up my phone, like I don't even know if what trusted site should I download the OS itself since the blackberry official site doesn't recommend that way.

So thanks guys for helping me out, really hope some genius patient guy out there would help out another person in need, thanks guys and God bless!

Dubdub 08-28-2011 09:12 PM

Re: Help on updating my OS from to please
Check the sticky at the top of the 9300 section for the latest OS and instructions. Follow the instructions exactly. Since you have been trying to update unsuccessfully, you might need to first wipe the device with Jl_cmdr. See our FAQ for the instructions and a link to Jl_cmdr.

But why do you feel the need to upgrade? If you device is working as you want and need, it is not broken and doesn't need to be fixed with an OS update.

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