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dj22l 10-05-2011 02:42 PM

Unread messages on the icon bar of 9360
Hi, I just got this for my wife. I can say that it is awesomely small and thin. If you are not techie minded and don't need your mobile singing and dancing this is for you (but then you may not be reading this).

Buttons are a bit stiff to press which may be deliberate to prevent it being pressed in your pocket since there is no pouch with the phone. The track pad is flush with the screen so no chaffing of the thumb as with the 9900.

My query is whether there is a way to have the unread messages icon disappear after you've clicked the messages icon even if you have NOT read every message. That is what happens on my 9900 but despite that the 9360 is the same os& the icon remains there all the time. This is an irritant as you can't tell when new messages come in unless you monitor the number of messages on the icon bar.

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