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Kermitshor 11-03-2011 09:04 AM

problem with BBSAK - installing OS6

I wanted to update my OS from 5 to 6. using desktop manager didnt go well. i found out it is a common problem that desktop manger doesnt recognise the OS installed on PC. went throught all steps and still couldnt update.. so now i am trying to use BBSAK by cleaning the BB and install a new OS

at first there was a problem that the software (BBSAK) doesn't recognise my BB.. it said no device has been detected. after few minuites of trying it did recognised the device.
i wiped the BB, and got the 507 error as expected
when i try to load OS, i select the OS that is installed on the computer
( , and the application loader wizard opens. and when i should select which applications whould be installed (device application selection screen) i see nothing: it says:
" Blackberry destop software dont have blackberry device software for the device connected to the computer. contact ur bla bla ..
what could be the problem?
where are the blackberry 6.0.0 System Software and BlackBerry 6.0.0 Core Applications?
saw it in video guide.. and it should work fine..

*vendor file deleted, also tried to use loader manualy. still no success

thanks for any help..please.. i am desperate

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