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Slyfer 01-16-2012 05:34 PM

Curve 9360 TrackPad gone bust what to do?
Hi guys I've had my BB curve 9360 for around 2 months now, recently the trackpad started not working I've tried all of the methods such as taking out sim memory card battery etc these all worked temporarily but did not fix the issue.

These methods have finally stopped working and my trackpad light doesn't come on at all now, I think it's tracking functions have come to an 'end', it does click to open things but it doesn't scroll so as you can imagine almost impossible to navigate on my phone. Having to use the search function to find things now, but it's hell trust me...

I have tried looking online for a replacement trackpad but because this phone is still fairly new I have been unable to find a replacement OEM replacement. All I see on ebay and other online sites is trackpads for other curves not this one...

I am wondering if a curve 9300 3g trackpad would work or if anyone can tell me the best thing to do cause this is a real nuisance for me, I love this phone but right now I can't do a thing with it...

Is the 9360 trackpad any different from the one used in the 9300 3g?

Thank you guys

tsac 01-16-2012 09:51 PM

Re: Curve 9360 TrackPad gone bust what to do?
If this is a new BB return it. the trackpad should not have gone bad that quick unless you got it wet or dropped it.

If this is a used BB then the trackpad is available from a lot of places but you need the exact type for the phone. Do a search on the internet and avoid ebay.

Slyfer 01-17-2012 06:24 AM

Re: Curve 9360 TrackPad gone bust what to do?
Hi Tsac yes this is a used BB I purchased from a friend, it is legit as I have the original receipt from o2 store and everything matches up with the box it came in. I have checked with o2 and you are only able to return the phone if it becomes faulty within 28 days, outside of that they are not liable to do anything. I haven't been able to find any sites online for a replacement part (I live in the uk).

Amazingly I have treated this phone with a lot of care and it has never been dropped or exposed to water, or anything which could harm it. Other than overuse of the trackpad/pressure on the trackpad I really can't think of anything which could have deteriorated it this fast. Everything else on the phone works perfectly. Just the trackpad sensor has gone completely now, no amount of resets or pulls or removal of sim/memory card help anymore (which did work before).

This is my first blackberry and it came to me in perfect condition, my friend bought it as a gift(no contract) on pay&go for his girlfriend, but she wanted and Iphone so instead of him returning it I offered to buy it.

If you would happen to know of any place where I could find a replacement trackpad I would honestly really appreciate that as I have honestly been searching and can't find any legitimate places, all I can see is AliBaba and a few sites in different countries but I don't really know if I can trust these sites as I am not really experienced with purchasing from foreign websites.

Thank you for being so kind as to reply here, I'll be checking back on here regularly to read this thread.

Thank you

odzk 01-19-2012 06:06 PM

Re: Curve 9360 TrackPad gone bust what to do?
Wow what a bummer. I thought its a year warranty for all blackberry. Anyway I don't see any problems buying on ebay in fact every month a always do a purchase just make sure to use paypal just in case their will be problem they can always refund you. Anyway if you really can't return the phone for repair, have you tried checking on the terminals of the trackpad? Maybe its just loose. I also read an article that direct sunlight sometimes damages the trackpad but not sure if its true. I personally think the trackpad for 9300 should work. But I haven't tried though. Just like the trackpad for 8520 works with 9300.
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