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geneT 04-10-2012 06:34 PM

Synch 9330 & Outlook Calendar
ISSUE: lately, on synching, the calendar stays on my 9330, but seems to wipe out my Outlook calendar.

I've selected TwoWay synch, and, alternatively, "Device => Outlook" synch, but almost* nothing appears in Outlook (*curiously, one appointment in October does appear). I read the Desktop Manager boxes to mean that synching is involving data on both the 9330 and Outlook ...

I got my 1st Blackberry (8330) some 2-3 years ago and it did everything (!) like I expected, fully & smoothly synching (via USB) with my Outlook. A year ago, I swapped for a 9330. A couple months ago the keyboard of the 9330 malfunctioned and Verizon replaced it. With this unit, I'm having curious behaviors, the calendar issue a top priority. I do not consider myself more then minimally literate in Blackberry operation.

Software is v6.0 bundle 3084 which I (recall I) laboriously updated a week or so ago.
I've rebooted both my "desktop" computer (HP dv5-1010us notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2) and pulled the battery on the 9330.

?any suggestions?

thanks/gene --

dc/dc 04-10-2012 07:55 PM

Re: Synch 9330 & Outlook Calendar
I would recommend syncing with an online calendar like Gmail if it is at all possible.

geneT 04-23-2012 09:37 PM

Re: Synch 9330 & Outlook Calendar

Originally Posted by dc/dc (Post 1774534)
I would recommend syncing with an online calendar like Gmail if it is at all possible.

Not possible - I have only my local Outlook Calendar :-(
Some curiosities:
  1. Two-way synch worked intuitively until the replacement 9330
  2. an appointment entered in the local Outlook Calendar appears in the Blackberry calendar
  3. an appointment entered in the Blackberry Calendar does NOT appear in the Outlook calendar (in fact the Outlook Calendar is empty except for two items entered in Outlook)
  4. a Blackberry time-change to an Outlook-entered appointment is reflected in the Outlook calendar
  5. contact list changes appear to work fine both ways
So I seem to be unable to get the software to fully transfer the Blackberry appointments to Outlook on the replacement 9330.

The Desktop Manager properly (methinks) points to Personal Folder\Calendar, etc.

thanks/gene --

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