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MrMrMr 04-13-2012 05:04 PM

BB 3G Software System Update help
Ok, this is my daughters phone (really really glad its not mine!), it was really really really really really slow, always showing a clock etc, when doing anything so I got the task of seeing why.

I found (eventually) that there was no free memory, it showed 0. I deleted some apps (can you not install apps to SD card?), and now had 17.3Mb free it states.

So I did a software update on the phone and it states up to date. Its on UK network TalkMobile, and is version 6.0 Bundle 2647.

I installed BB Desktop program on my Mac, done a (some sort of), backup on it. It also said then there was a software update available, 6.0 Bundle 2949, tried to update, 1st failing on some Bluetooth database, said continue, but then said can't as need another 13mb free space.

a) how come phone doesn't say theres an update, but desktop software with phone attached does?!?!?

b) how can I delete another 13Mb, as that would mean basically uninstalling everything (reason I know is we've just bought another brand new 9300, and out of the box it has 32Mb memory free, its for the wife....), so how can this be.

I really have had a horrible time tonight trying to fix this phone. if I knew how to back it up properly, contacts etc, then I would factory restore it, but my daughter would go ape, if I did this and her contacts were lost.

Can someone please help, before I throw this thing in the bin!

aiharkness 04-13-2012 07:18 PM

Re: BB 3G Software System Update help
I'm not clear on why you can't do a backup. Are you saying the backup process errors out?

You can use desktop manager to selectively back up particular databases. Also, you can slectively clear a particular database that is throwing a backup error, and then do a full backup (losing whatever was in the cleared database, of course).

But I agree. I would do a backup, then either to a security wipe or reload the OS altogether and then restore data and only eseential apps.
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MrMrMr 04-15-2012 10:59 AM

Re: BB 3G Software System Update help
The backup comes up with a Bluetooth error of some sort. When I try to backup contacts it doesn't show any on the desktop software though, so I'm unsure if it has backed up or not.

I do think it needs a proper factory reset and then newest software OS installed, but need the contacts backed up 1st. So...

How can I manually backup contacts incase?

How do you do a factory reset, and then install the new OS.

How much memory does a 9300 have on phone, not SD card.

Can you install apps to SD card, if not is SD just for music, video, pictures then?
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NJBlackBerry 04-15-2012 12:01 PM

Re: BB 3G Software System Update help
The microSD media card is just for media. You cannot install apps to it.

Are you backing up the device using a microUSB cable and Desktop Manager or some sort of Bluetooth or wireless connection?

MrMrMr 04-16-2012 02:15 AM

Re: BB 3G Software System Update help
Can't believe apps can't go on SD card, there is so little memory on the device....

I am using the USB cable with the software, didn't know you could wirelessly anyway.
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