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MrMrMr 04-16-2012 02:13 AM

backup contacts without desktop s/ware?
How can you backup contacts manually without the desktop software? Including BBM etc?

I've got problems with my daughter's 9300 and getting errors with the desktop software and so want to back up contests manually as well in case when I so a factory reset I can't get the contacts back on with the software.

Also on the desktop software how I tell if the contacts as backed up ok as I can't see them displayed.

Also can you after a factory reset with the desktop software, just put the contacts back on?

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OnlyGODSanExpert 04-17-2012 10:01 AM

Re: backup contacts without desktop s/ware?

In regards to backing up your phone contacts manually... Not sure if that can be done. BBM Contacts can be backed by:

Logging into bbm on the device-press blackberry menu key- scroll down to "backup management"- save a backup of your contact list- DONE

Your errors with desktop manager may be with desktop softwre itself. Uninstall it. Then re-install the software. Backing up contacts can be verified by:

Clicking on the device tab in desktop software- restore- at that point you should see "contact database"

Contacts can also be restored to a reset device using the same method above.

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