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MrMrMr 05-22-2012 11:28 AM

Please help reset and update software
Ok my daughters BB 9300 for some reason deleted all her contacts, and is generally very very slow.

So I decided to backup SD bard, and do a wipe and start again.

I went into Security>security wipe> delete emails, contacts, media card.

it did it stuff, I then connected to my BB desktop on Mac, it connected fine, I then tried to do an update to the OS as it is on OS v6.2647 and there is a newer version, however it keeps saying needs 6Mb data free.

The BB desktop says there is 35mb free, what else canI do? this is freaking me out, Ive tried x3 wipes.

Is this correct how you do a complete restore of the 9300?

Also after I have done this wipe it shows I only have 44Mb free applicatoon memory, is this correct? seems low and maybe why I cant do a OS update?

anyone can help please

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