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themandan00 06-04-2012 08:18 PM

Problem with Screen Not Working
Hello all. I have owned a 9300 for a few months now but earlier on today the screen flickered for about 10 seconds while I was using BBM and then went black, but the keypad lights remained on (still with battery remaining) I took the battery out, replaced it and a red light came on for 6 seconds...then the keypad lights come on very dim (still a black screen) I go to enter my password as usual and can still do things but as I cannot see the screen, I haven't got a clue what options I am clicking.

The phone hasn't been dropped in or gone anywhere near water and hasn't been dropped recently so not a scooby what's up with it! I'm living in Ibiza for the summer so maybe the humidity/climate might have something to do with it? Nor has it been updated recently. The phone has been left on and am still receiving notification noises but when I ring my number from another phone it goes straight through the voicemail.

Any suggestions would be a treat indeed!


aiharkness 06-05-2012 05:40 PM

Re: Problem with Screen Not Working
I suspect a hardware problem based on your description. You could rule out software by reinstalling the OS. If you do that and still the same problem you will have confirmed that it is hardware.

Under other circumstances I would suggest a warranty exchange if still covered under guarantee. Doesn't sound like that is feasible right now, however. I have no advice on how to fix it.
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themandan00 06-06-2012 04:05 AM

Re: Problem with Screen Not Working
Many Thanks for the advice. I am going to take the device to a Phone Shop later after work to see if they know what's going on with it, as new phones in Spain cost an absolute bomb. Cheers again

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