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TouringBoldly 07-07-2012 05:39 PM

How to disable this annoying "Virtual voicemail" ?!
Hi all, first post and I apologize if this is in a search somewhere....

I need and want to very badly DISABLE this virtual voicemail crap I have on my 9330. It spends more time cluttering up my phone and voicemail box (since it doesn't delete from my mail box once deleted from the phone) than anything else. I want it off my phone, or at the very least disabled.

Can somebody help me with that? Thank you.

daphne 07-07-2012 08:02 PM

Re: How to disable this annoying "Virtual voicemail" ?!
It should delete the messages from your voicemail box when you delete it on Visual VoiceMail. If it's not, you might want to contact your mobile provider. I think you cannot remove it from your device - on my 9930 there is no delete option. Possibly you could remove it with Desktop Manager, I don't know. I love VVM because it's so much easier to listen to messages and see who called.

TouringBoldly 07-08-2012 12:26 PM

Re: How to disable this annoying "Virtual voicemail" ?!
Thanks for the response!

I guess I'll have to call Sprint.

At first I thought the feature would be neat but it's definitely more of a nuisance on my phone than anything else. Once I get too many messages it will make my phone SOOO SLOOOW, and often times will cause it to freeze if I don't clear them out. This is even with the latest version of BB 6.

Thanks again.

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