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HAPPYTREE 08-24-2012 08:42 AM

Transferring Profile Sounds/Settings
Is it possible for me to transfer my sounds/settings profiles from my BB Bold 9900 to my BB Curve 9320 without having to do it all manually (one by one etc)?

Appreciate any guidance on this and thanks to all who reply in advance.


aiharkness 08-24-2012 01:41 PM

Re: Transferring Profile Sounds/Settings
You can try backing up the profile data bases on the old BlackBerry and then selectively restore just the profile data bases to the other BlackBerry. See what happens. Report back.

EDIT: If you have downloaded OS 5 ringtones on the old BlackBerry but not on the new BlackBerry, you should do that on the new BlackBerry before you restore the data based to the new BlackBerry. Ditto any other ringtones that are on the old BlackBerry but not on the new, and put the ringtones in the same location.

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