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annonymous1 12-04-2008 05:24 AM

Australian Blackberry Storm Plan: Questions?
Okay, well ive been following and anticipating the release of the bb storm in Australia and it finally got released today! Im planning on getting one but there are still a few issues and need these questions to be solved!

1. It says its an unlimited internet plan but when I talked to the vodafone rep he said it only goes up to 500mb and video streaming and downloading large files are extra. how is that unlimited internet though if I only have 500mb of browsing, music, etc a month?

2. Is windows live messenger included into the so called 'unlimited internet' or is that an extra?

Well those are the only questions I wanted to know for now! I would have asked the vodafone rep except he knew absolutely nothing about the device and even told me some false information so im sort of mixed up at the moment.


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