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doekim 12-07-2008 10:23 PM

New to BB - IMAP Setup - where are settings
IMAP Settings.... WHERE?

The Storm is my first BB. I'd always read it was the standard for mobile email, so I decided the Storm was worth leaving AT&T and moving over to Verizon. However... I'm frustrated beyond... just trying to set up IMAP email accounts. My company uses IMAP access (pretty common any more these days) and I have previously successfully (and with ease) set up email on:

- Treo 680 (my 5 yr old mobile phone running Palm OS)
- Windows Desktop using Outlook
- Apple MacBook Pro using Thunderbird

Each of these applications provides for setting incoming/outgoing mail servers, ports, SSL, etc. After minor adjustments I got ALL the above configured in a matter of minutes.

But I have not succeeded (even close) with new Storm. I've looked high and low for similar settings on the BB platform. I called Verizon service and they had me log into my BIS account. I used the autodetect to attempt to retrieve email settings from Outlook (which works just fine) and BIS says... "failed to transfer some settings."

Is there any way to access the settings on the Storm/BB much like every other email client application (heck my 5 yr old Treo had this)?

Any help appreciated. I hate to give up so quickly, but if I can't get a simple thing like email working (which is supposed to be BlackBerry's shining virtue), I'll have no choice but to look for something else...


snappy316 12-08-2008 12:46 AM

Wirelessly posted

It should automatically work email account through bis on my vzw 8830 was through pop3 for a long time. For other reasons, I disabled it for a month or so, but a couple weeks ago I turned it back on, and I noticed that it was running through imap.

What specific features of imap are you looking for?

doekim 12-08-2008 07:24 AM

It should auto-magically work, I suspect, but alas it does not... (I wouldn't otherwise be posting here)

On every email client I have ever used, there are options for server names (incoming and outgoing), port numbers, security options, etc. Other than user names and a single server name (this is true on the storm and BIS) I find not other way to affect any changes.


Thom 12-08-2008 07:41 AM

When setting up an account in BIS, it likes to do it automatically by default. To get around the automatic detection, I would use the BIS website for VZW and put in a bad password for your account. It will try to connect for about a minute or so and then fail. It will then want you to try again and at that point there should be an option for you to manually configure the account. Since you know your settings, choose to set up your account manually. If your company's mail servers are accessible from the outside, a BB can connect to it, so please don't give up.

Verizon's BIS Website:

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