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bbaler4444 12-14-2008 04:08 PM

Just got my Storm, problems with file free, flash, and lag...need help
Hey everyone, thanks in advance for all the help.

I just got my Storm a couple days ago and after switching everything over from my Pearl, am experiencing a few difficulties.

1. The storm seems to move pretty slow
Switching between apps and moving my figure through the menu seems to lag. I have already gone into settings and adjusted the sensitivity and scroll to as fast and sensitive as possible. I know this was an early problem, but I read the new OS had fixed this. I am currently running OS, is this the latest?

2. My "File Free" is extremely low
I have already gone through having my texts deleted once. Even after a battery pull, my file free only resets to 40k bytes. I have gone through the process of deleting extras languages, etc... but are there any settings that can be changed to increase the amt. of file free? I have 872.2 MB of free device memory but only 37.5 free application memory, any way to transfer some of this memory? Also, what would be an ideal amount of file free memory to have?

Here is a list of 3rd party applications I currently have installed:
Google Maps
Google Sync
Google Talk
Jive Talk
Soft Reset

3. The camera flash is extremely bright
Lastly, the flash on the camera is so bright anyone I am taking a picture of has to close their eyes. Can this be adjusted.

Thanks for all the help.

PIN 304F8271

Tiamegs 12-14-2008 07:57 PM

Try loggin out of your facebook application and see what happens. I did this, and it seemed to speed things up a little for me. Not sure why. I have been accessing my facebook through the browser instead on their mobile site: Facebook | Welcome to Facebook

hudres 12-14-2008 09:55 PM

Have you upgraded your OS to .75? An absolute must. Also, disable the event log. Do a battery pull. Kill the other software mentioned above. Should help a lot. 73

bbaler4444 12-14-2008 09:59 PM

yes, I am on .75 and have already disabled the event log (which has helped with the lag). Which software do you think is causing the memory drain?

BigA 12-15-2008 02:13 AM

1. There is a
BlackBerry Storm OS, other versions left dead in their tracks : Boy Genius Report

2. Nope can't change it. There should be more info on how bb's handle memeory. However I think it's dynamicaly allocated some how. Not sure, just a guess.

3. No you can't change the intensity of the flash. Which is an LED. LEDs over time do dim out after use.
Tip open your "Video Camera" goto options set video light to on. Now every time you launch your video camera the LED turns on for 45 seconds or so. Makes a great flashlight at the cost of some battery life.

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