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percyng 12-21-2008 03:53 PM

Need help with my unlocked storm on Rogers network
Hi everyone,
I have been using my unlocked verizon storm for couple days, I am on Rogers network. Everything works fine except for couple things, hope someone can help:
1. my call display only work when someone call from my landline, but when caller from cellular phone (i.e. Telus, Rogers), then Caller ID didn't show up, just display 'unknown number'
2. on the outgoing call screen, my phone # display as Verizon phone # instead of my Rogers phone #
3. when I call *611 from phone it goes to Verizon customer service instead of Rogers
Everything else is fine except for these issues. Anyone use it on Rogers and have this problem?
I already tried to do 'battery pull', upgrade firmware to .76, resend service book from Rogers BIS, but still no luck...
Please help.... ;(

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