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pnico 12-22-2008 05:07 PM

.83 update application?
Hi all,
Im trying to get the most recent update to my storm..
I am aware that vzw may release this late, or not at all..
I read the tutorial on the update..still unsure how to load it..

I downloaded it ran the .exe and it loaded..then I ran bb desktop manager and it didnt see my new os update as .83, just the previous version.

Is there a better link that could walk me through the update?

Have you updated? how does it work??

The only complaint I have is that sometimes the switching from vertical to horizontal is slow as is the screen scrolling, but not bad, just takes a few seconds..if it would be faster that would be great.

My only concern is that if I updated, would I be able to go backwards to the previous version of the software/firmward update?

thank you for your help.


p.s i dont normally have issues loading software on my pda, but this is my first bb so bare with me...thank you

illig 12-22-2008 05:10 PM

for all bb OS updates that are NOT for your cell provider (i.e. ones not provided by Verizon), you have to delete the vendor.xml file created by the install prior to launching Desktop Manager

in windows XP, this file can be found in: program files\common files\research in motion\apploader\vendor.xml

just delete it, launch Desktop Manager, hook up your phone, and it'll work.

hudres 12-22-2008 06:43 PM

I agree with illig about deleting the vendor.xml file. But you would be better off using the apploader.exe file found in the same directory as vendor.xml. Also, disconnect you intennet connection when doing this.

When you are done, use the phone to dial *228, 2 to update the netowrk and for good measure, resend your service books.

This may seem like a lot, but it is a very reliable method. 73

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