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zehnmm 01-01-2009 01:06 PM

Traveling, Moodio, and Storm
Over the past several weeks I have had occasion to travel in my truck and use Moodio on my Storm. I had been subscribing to Sirius Satellite radio, but in a cost cutting effort, I stopped my subscription.

Using Moodio, with some favorite stations selected, I streamed the music from my Storm via an adapter from the headphone jack of the storm to an auxiliary jack to the radio in the truck. (Got the adapter to play music off an Ipod....) My conclusion: worked pretty well. Out of about 4 hours from 3 different trips of doing this, I was able to get the music continuously, except for about 0.7-1.0% of the time. The times it did not work was when I was driving in areas with weak signals, like canyons/mountains.

Overall, this is a decent substitute to paying $150 a year for Sirius satellite radio. So far, I have selected 5 stations that I prefer. There are many to choose from.

As a sidenote, I have successfully synced the Storm to my music and playlists from my Itunes library. Except for podcasts, I am using the Storm pretty much the same as my Ipod.


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