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owaisakhan 01-04-2009 11:22 AM

Storm Media player sound problem
noticed an issue with my storm's media player that the sound is a bit distorted and the sound is going up down the peaks...... I switched the phone off and took the battery out then switched it back again... now when I played the music it worked great,, brilliant sound quality was being output but then I received an sms while I was listening to the song and the media player halted for the sms tone to get played,,, now when the media player resumed, the sound was distorted again...... Now each time I restart my phone by taking the battery off,, the media player songs works fine but as soon as I play some tone or get a call or msg the whole sound quality gets worst........... I have got this device few weeks ago and it has v4.7.0.78 installed with platform if anyone has gone through this same problem then their help would be appreciated, if you havn't noticed any such thing then try to restart the phone by taking the battery off as well and play the music file with headphones on and then play some ring tone now go and play the music file again and see if you notice any difference ........

scher215 01-04-2009 12:12 PM

ive noticed that with the music the volume seems to go up and down on mine also...i have no idea why and havent been able to find any solution for this...if anyone has any info...please help!

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