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rpjohs 01-05-2009 10:48 AM

Camera Settings
If anyone could provide some help here I would appreciate it.

Im looking for the best settings for the camera on the storm, i have played around with them and cant come up with anything great for shots taken inside or in a darker setting.

Pictures taken outside in daylight come out great, but at night or inside a house they look very pixelated and have a red/dark tint to them.

Any help?

turbomentor 01-05-2009 11:52 AM

There are no "best" settings. Like ANY camera (digital or film) settings depend on lighting, movement etc.

My experience is that the Storm's camera, while "acceptable" outdoors performs VERY poorly indoors, no matter how I set up the settings. Lag is considerable, flash is not synched and picture quality is well below my old phone the LG Dare (which also had a 3.2 MP camera, but it had a Carl Zeiss Lens and the camera software worked very well).

Hopefully with the next OS release they will begin to address what is really a sub par camera. Not that the BB needs to be a great camera, but currently it is virtually unusable for a lot of situations and the 3.2MP was a key selling point...

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