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rlcbushpilot 02-20-2009 01:46 PM

Calendar Sync Issues
I'm having a problem syncing my calendar from my Storm to Outlook 2007. I have five different e-mail addresses coming in to the Storm and because of that it looks like I have five different calendars plus the default calendar. I didn't realize that I was adding events to different calendars until today. Now I would like to sync all the events from all the calendars to Outlook so that they are on one calendar. When I sync using desktop manager it only syncs one of the calendars with my outlook calendar. Is there a way to make it sync all of them? I've figured out which calendar is syncing and will only post events to that one from now on but I'd like to sync all of the events I've already entered. From what I can tell once an event is entered there is no way to change which calendar it is entered on.

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