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Jon K 03-03-2009 01:54 PM

Car charger won't charge below a certain point?
Sometimes I mess up and let my phone go low (red logo on battery). I plug it into the car charger but it won't charge. The LED on the car charger flickers randomly and the phone does not charge :(

Anyone have similar issues?

JSanders 03-03-2009 02:10 PM

That sounds like an issue with your car charging device or the DC outlet itself, or the charger not being tight in the outlet.

XelhaBB 03-03-2009 02:13 PM

Jon K,

unless you have an emergency. NEVER NEVER NEVER, plug your cellular phone into a car charger - unless you know for certain its not a quick / snap charger. Those chargers murder a battery.

Go to Crackberry and purchase a dock charger with a spare battery charger. Purchase 2 spares and rotate them out with you daily. When or if your Storm gets low on juice, pop in a fresh battery. A spare fits comfortably in any pocket.

This practice always served me well in the days were a couple long winded conversations on social outings killed my battery. I was never without service when I carried a spare with me.

Try it.

JSanders 03-03-2009 02:21 PM

We have sponsors here like Horizon and BlackBerryDen who sell quality accessories.

I've been charging BlackBerrys via an auto charger for years with no issue. Use a proper charger and you'll have no problem. I use the DoubleTalk charger like you'll see here:

Blackberry Chargers - Pro Series Micro USB Car Charger

XelhaBB 03-03-2009 02:41 PM

Jsanders is right on the money. Pick the right car charger - just make sure its not a quick charger.

BTW - I like that charger J!

Jon K 03-03-2009 03:22 PM

Guys this is the charger from Verizon and was sold to me w/ the phone.

dbower96 03-03-2009 03:26 PM

So, the next question is, how do you determine which is a "quick charger", and which is the one that you are supposed to use. Just because you get it from Verizon doesn't mean that it will be the best for your device. I got mine from Verizon when I ordered my phone, but I still have the package it came in.

Please post here what I am looking for in order to discern good charger and naughty charger...

Brandon9530storm 03-03-2009 03:28 PM

try another charger and see if it works.

XelhaBB 03-03-2009 03:36 PM


It should say on the package or you can just as one of the techs.

It has been my experience that freebies and most store brand chargers are either quick chargers unless they specify otherwise. What you want is some sort of smartcharger that detects when the battery is full and doesn't overcharge it.

The Doubletalk charger that JSanders posted the link for was priced very nicely and also had the chip that prevents it from overcharging.

Sniperet 03-03-2009 08:09 PM

Jeez, the battery itself has an overcharge protection circuit. His problem is that the charger he is using just doesn't provide enough current for a low battery. Lets all try to get him to buy a bucket full of accessories he doesn't need. All he needs is a decent car charger. I'd take the charger back to VZW and get a replacement.

Jon K 03-04-2009 10:22 AM

Thanks Sniperet I will bring it back and see if they'll exchange

JSanders 03-04-2009 10:38 AM

My all time favorite BB charger is the "double talk" charger with both AC/DC connections, great for travel, but I don't think this model is available for the MicroUSB lead.

Sniperet 03-04-2009 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by JSanders (Post 1307655)
My all time favorite BB charger is the "double talk" charger with both AC/DC connections, great for travel, but I don't think this model is available for the MicroUSB lead.

Just add a Mini to Micro converter, I bought 4 of them on Amazon. They were like $1.30 each but with shipping ended up being about $4 each. Made by Motorola but work great.

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