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BLeo2009 03-04-2009 04:56 PM

Dialing phone number from text message
One of the great features of BB is its ability to recognize phone numbers in text and email messages so that click-to-call is EASY.

One problem I have experienced is if a phone number in a message contains special dialing codes (for example the *67 prefix) then BB does not recognize that the string is a prefix + phone number. So, I cannot simply lick to initiate the call. Is there anywhere is the BB Settings to tell BB how to recognize these codes?

Example: BB has no problem making 123-456-7890 an "active" (underlined) and clickable phone number if in a text message. However, if it looks like this *67123-456-7890 it is treated as any other text so I cannot dial the number.

The goal is to b ale to click and dial the prefix and the number so as to get the benefits of the prefix. (in this case, hide my phone no from caller ID)

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