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forecastdude 03-05-2009 03:34 PM

Move ITunes Library Verizon Storm to ATT&T Bold
I bought a 8GB Micro SD card and proceeded to copy everything from my Storm memory card to the new one via my PC. Everything copied in about 8 minutes (ITunes library and a few pics for contacts). When I plugged the card into my wifes ATT Bold it said the card had to be formatted so I did that but after an hour it was just hung. I then tried formatting on my PC and it said the card was WAP and could not format. I tried formatting from my phone and again just hung.

I have sent the SanDisk card back for an exchange.

How should I transfer all my/our ITunes from my Verizon Storm (BIS) to my wives AT&T Bold (BES and locked down by admin from downloading anything)?

Can I just plug the new Micro SD card in my phone and use the Blackberry Media Sync even though it is coming from a BIS Storm to a BES Bold?

Thanks for any help....:smile:

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