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ChezDigital 03-10-2009 09:46 AM

Where do you get your Storm accessories?
Hey everyone, I've seen a little random chatter about accessories solely for the Storm, so maybe this can be a one-stop shop to collect that information with some recommendations from your valuable experience.

In the past, eBay has always been a good source of bundled charger/battery/whatever for $10 shipped, but it's quite obvious you get what you pay for.

What car charger are you using? While I don't want to spend $30 on one, I don't want to get a cheap eBay knockoff.

Which holster are you using? I know when I put it in a case I'll want that bulky thing to be on my belt, and I guess it will have to be a BB holster so that it performs properly.

How about a sleeve for when you aren't using the holster?

Can you recommend a screen protector that will accommodate both a sleeve and holster?

Which desktop cradle did you get? Is there one that holds a second battery? I love having that when I'm on vacations or when Friday night lasts until sunrise.

How about car mounts? Based on my experience, it seems like the best place to start is to get the Pro-fit mount for your vehicle, and then go from there. It would be ideal to be able to hook your holster right onto a Pro-fit mount, but maybe a bit more conducive than just hanging the belt clip on the metal mount. Pro-fit also makes some holders as well, but it looks like nothing specific to the Storm, or any BB for that matter.

JSanders 03-10-2009 09:53 AM

Car Charger, I like the OEM model charger, sometimes called the DoubleTalk, which has both AC and DC connectors.

Holster - I use a silicon rubber skin on mine, and keep it in a Bold holster. Fits perfectly.

Screen Protector - Those from Horizon Wireless are great.
Blackberry 95xx Storm Screen Protector [BB-95xx-screen-protector] - CAD$13.88 : - Horizon Wireless, The World’s Cellular Repair Center
Also, I like ScreenPatronus, they have a good product as well.
ScreenPatronus, PDA Screen protector - the difference is amazing.

Sleeve, desktop cradle and car mount I don't use.

XelhaBB 03-10-2009 03:18 PM


Actually Jsanders hooked me up with knowledge about one the best websites there is for BB accessories. I have purchased the bulk of my wifey's BB Curve accoutrements from Blackberry Den Online. I have two items on their way to me right now.

Blackberry Accessories, Blackberry Cases, Blackberry Storm Accessories, Blackberry Bold Accessories, Blackberry Curve Accessories

Car charger: Blackberry Chargers - Premier Double Talk Charger

I got this for the wifey's Curve. She travels alot and its perfect for her situation because she transitions from the car to hotel rooms. Jsanders recommended this one to me and my wife is quite happy with it.

Holster: Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for BlackBerry Storm - ShopCrackBerry

I put my Storm in this holster for rare dress up events and I love it. However its not suitable for physically active environments. But, its a VERY NICE holster, probably the best one out there for the Storm IMO.

Sleeve: I don't use one, but there are so many available.

Screen protector: Phantom Skinz - Clear Protection Film for Blackberry Storm

Other than the VZW 3 for $10 stick on protectors, I recommend the PS thin skin. I have a thread posted for the application process. If you are registered on the Crackberry website, use the promo code and youll pay less than $20 for two complete skins.

Desktop cradle: Blackberry Storm Cradles - USB Sync and 2nd Battery Charge Cradle

This is the item I have on order along with an extra battery. I doubt Ill ever use the second battery but lately I have been stuck on extended events where I've had to squeeze out longer use from a single charge. So the extra battery will be a nice backup option.

Car mount: N/A for me.

Hope this helps!

Tommy2125 03-10-2009 09:35 PM

I got for CNN.CN,, Wirelessground, just google it.

seidioseidio 03-12-2009 02:27 PM

Just giving you guys a heads up that we will begin to take pre-orders within the next 2 weeks for the Desktop Sync and Charging Cradle for Innocases. Here is a link to the product page and photos!

Desktop Cradle

seidioseidio 03-12-2009 04:42 PM

Desktop Cradle

XelhaBB 03-12-2009 05:09 PM


Originally Posted by seidioseidio (Post 1317707)
Just giving you guys a heads up that we will begin to take pre-orders within the next 2 weeks for the Desktop Sync and Charging Cradle for Innocases. Here is a link to the product page and photos!

Desktop Cradle

I like the look!

Methinks Ill reserve my comments until you post the asking price....;-)

xxDruMMer BoYxx 03-13-2009 01:05 AM

Check out screen protectors are are anti glare...

seidioseidio 03-13-2009 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by XelhaBB
I like the look!

Methinks Ill reserve my comments until you post the asking price....;-)


Thanks! The cradle will be very reasonably priced, especially for the Innocase faithfuls. Stay tuned.

masked 03-13-2009 02:50 PM

there is like 10 verizon stores within like a 5 mile radius of my house. i buy my stuff from those lol

sokkermick 03-14-2009 07:29 PM

I have a motorola fast-rate micro USB car charger (Best buy, ~$25...Kinda expensive, but I had a gift certificate).
I have the OEM premium leather horizontal holster direct from (you can find the same one on for cheaper, MUCH cheaper BlackBerry Leather Horizontal Pouch for Storm - ShopCrackBerry)

ChezDigital 03-17-2009 11:58 PM


Originally Posted by XelhaBB (Post 1314910)

I clicked on this link and made my way over to the Blackberry Den site last Thursday to purchase this charger for my 9530 Storm. Either they need to get their act together, or the 9500 has a mini-USB port, while my 9530 has a micro-USB port, which would make me the idiot.

Nice. Thanks BB Den. Talk to ya tomorrow to see how well you handle my return.

ChezDigital 03-19-2009 08:51 AM

Alright, let's all assume here that I'm not an idiot, and that I'm the type who doesn't let fires start, rather than running around and putting them out. But this time, that guy didn't take a screenshot of the BBDen site that says the 9500 is supported for the DoubleTalk charger.

After my e-mail on Tuesday, I received no response. However, I called today, and they had no record or my e-mail, but not their page for the DoubleTalk conveniently doesn't list the 9500, and the lady says it never said that. Nice.

Whatever...she's sending me an RMA anyways.

What's the next best car charger for the Storm? I'll see if I can get them to send that so I don't eat the shipping charges.

seidioseidio 03-20-2009 09:57 AM

Hello all,

I'm pleased to announced that we have begin accepting pre orders for both the Curve 8900/8350i and Storm 9530 Desktop Cradle! The price will be at an introductory rate of $24.95 for pre-orders and returning customers. We expect shipping to start no later than March 30th. Enjoy!

b3n_asian_freak 03-22-2009 08:57 PM

I wish the Storm cradle could have come with mini usb port. After years of using Blackberry, I have so many mini usb cables but just one micro usb that came in the box with the Storm. Well, technology.......... :(

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