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a4wheelin 06-05-2009 08:51 AM

My file free memory is maxed out at 21 megs.
My phone recently has been running super slow, freezing up and resetting itself a couple times a day. I also have to pull the battery or run a Quick Pull a couple times a day. It's driving me crazy! This morning I deleted my internet history, cache, etc. I also cleared my SMS history and email history. I had only 17 megs of free memory until I did this. Now I'm at 21 megs. Still not as high as I'd like. I do have a couple apps and games, but didn't think they were taking up that much space. I've had these apps for a month or so and my phone has been running slower just this week. Any ideas? Thanks guys!

Green_Teg 06-05-2009 05:35 PM

Could still be a problem with one of your applications. With my old pearl I had a problem similar to this due to the Facebook for Blackberry's application. It congested my email somehow and I stopped recieving emails. The phone was constantly trying to recover my emails causing it to run really slow and if I remember right it was causing a battery drain as well. I was then flooded with probably a few hundred emails over a couple hour period once I uninstalled the application. It's possible one of your applications is causing a similar problem.

project86 06-05-2009 06:26 PM

Are you running any themes? It could be that. When I had a theme running I would get the little black busy clock all the time and it drove me nuts! Now I am running the default theme and my Storm is pretty fast. My file free memory is holding at a whopping 15megs and it is still pretty fast. Let me see what happens when I wipe my memory... after wiping I got 2megs back, so I am at 17MB free. But I also have a ton of apps on my phone and it is still running nicely. May delete a few to free up memory. I am not using a few of them.

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