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tchao 06-23-2009 08:53 AM

Storm from VZ
if i get an unlocked storm, will it work on ATT network like my Bold? 3G, Wifi,...??


penguin3107 06-23-2009 08:58 AM

No, it will not work like your Bold.

You won't have 3G, and the Storm does not have WiFi.

jacobsaa 06-23-2009 11:12 AM

This should be taken to the Storm forum.

Dubdub 06-23-2009 12:15 PM

Moved to a more appropriate forum.

tchao 06-23-2009 01:59 PM

Ah........Most of the games out there are for Storm.

xxDruMMer BoYxx 06-23-2009 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by tchao (Post 1413159)
Ah........Most of the games out there are for Storm.

Don't get upset by me saying this but..are u serious...most games out there are not for just the Storm...I mean correct me if I'm wrong but I know that there are lot more games for other Bb devices than the Storm.

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