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ocd ss 11-30-2009 08:09 AM

Storm2/ Touchscreen Browser Issue
I primarily use my browser to read and connect to message boards; I had no problems using my 8830 for this, but I'm having a small problem with a few boards that use invision software now that I've switched to the Storm2.

When I try to actually post a reply on the board, the browser doesn't recognize that the reply box is an input field. The keyboard doesn't pop up, and I can't click into it. When I scroll over it with my fingertip I can scroll within the box, but I can't type anything. Manually bringing up the keyboard and typing automatically sends me to the history/ goto screen (assuming that I'm trying to surf away).

I'm assuming that it is something within the touchscreen interface as I didn't have this problem with the 8830. It only effects a few sites, and the keyboard pops up like it should for most boards. I've also tried some of the different options in the browser and pulled the battery, is there anything else?

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