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hanasnap 03-26-2010 02:29 AM

5.0 OS for BB 9500

I have a BB 9500, Vodafone carrier and I wanted to upgrade to 5.0 OS but I couldn't :-(, I installed many versions of BlackBerry Desktop Software but none of them gave the OS 5.0 for BB 9500. As far as I've seen Vodafone UK has this operating system for 9500.
Does anyone know if I need a specific Desktop Software in order to get the 5.0 OS? I even downloaded the software offered by Vodafone UK and installed it but still no success.
So far, I was able to upgrade to 5.0 OS for BB 9000 and for BB 97000.
Has anyone upgraded to 5.0 OS for BB 9500? I appreciate any tips or comments on this issue.

Thanks a lot.

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