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peterjohn 05-07-2010 12:48 PM

Storm 2 Camera not a pretty picture
Our two S2's with different app configurations let us use the camera when they are in the mood. About 30% of the time the camera function causes a reboot. Most of the time you can't even get the options like zoom/flash. Our carrier is baffled and BB says oh yes, "this is a known issue with current software, maybe a wipe will solve the problem" What do you want anyway? You can make calls and surf the web, so stop crying for pity sake - A bunch of whiners.

Well, you tell every one lined up for the office party pic to wait while your S2 reboots.

This sort of reminds me of when Palm didn't have a software version to work with Vista. "What do want, anyway?" Look what that got them.

I see with interest that there are few if no discussions about the camera fuction. Maybe we are the only 2 who care.

Stop whining for goodness sake, right?

Ragrots 05-07-2010 06:59 PM

I've had a Storm 2 since they were first released and haven't had any issues with the camera...

suicidepact 05-08-2010 01:14 AM

I've had my Storm 2 for over a month now after upgrading from a Storm 1 and haven't had those problems either. I have had a random reboot here and there (3 times in a year and a half,) and the quality has been very good. Peterjohn, my advice would be to read up on getting the right settings for each shooting situation. I believe that either you have a couple of bad handsets or you just don't have the optimal settings under your camera app. You definitely could have two bad phones, and I would suggest that you bring at least one into Verizon to compare with a demo model. Also, you aren't whining when you want something that you paid for to work as advertised. You seem to have encountered some less-than-eager sales reps. I hope it goes better for you. My experience has always been to come to these forums for advice.

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