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socallaxman 08-25-2010 05:51 PM

If i get my blackberry storm unlocked...
if i get my blackberry storm unlocked will i be able to use it with tmobile?


aiharkness 08-25-2010 06:05 PM

Did you see

socallaxman 08-25-2010 06:17 PM

i tired to do the mep2 thing but it doesnt work. any suggestions?

aiharkness 08-25-2010 06:20 PM

mpe2 thing? Are you talking about unlocking it? Or are you talking about using it on T-Mobile?

Do you need to also see How do I unlock my BlackBerry? - BlackBerryFAQ

socallaxman 08-25-2010 06:26 PM

sorry i ment using it on tmobile. also i just have to get the code and put my sim card in just like a regular unlock, right?

aiharkness 08-25-2010 06:28 PM

See the link above to the FAQ. You'll see insructions for unlocking the Storm 1 and 2.
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vrooomz 10-06-2010 12:56 PM

I just unlocked my Storm 9550, i experienced the same thing, can not type MEP2.
It could be you typed it wrongly without knowing.
Restar again, and it will be fine as i did

Here is how to unlock

1. Press the Menu key
2. Scroll to and select Manage Connections.
Select Turn All Connections Off.
3. Press the red end key or the Escape key to go back to the Home screen.
4. Scroll to and select the Options icon.
5. Scroll to and select Advanced Options.
6. Scroll to and select SIM Card.
7. Type MEPD

Note: When typing in MEPD the letters will not appear on the screen, this step open up the personalization on the device.

8. Type MEP then hold "ALT" key and type number 2.

Note: When typing in MEP ATL 2 the letters/number will not appear on the screen, this step open up the xxx8220;Enter Network MEPxxx8221; box.

9. Enter the unlock code.
10. Press Enter , you should see "Code Accepted"
11. Press and hold power key to turn the handheld off and then back on.
12. Once the device has powered on, follow steps 1 & 2 and restore connections.

dyem24 11-02-2010 05:49 AM

hi, i need help please. i followed the steps religiously but it's still not giving me anything when i typed MEP2..does it have anything to do with the network says inactive wherein it suppose to say can I make the network active? thanks...

Motorcycle Mama 11-02-2010 04:50 PM

If it reads "Inactive" next to Network, then the device is already unlocked.

Nicholascox 11-17-2010 06:00 AM

Re: If i get my blackberry storm unlocked...
Sure if your phone is unlocked then you can use any other SIM card.

Nicholascox 11-17-2010 06:12 AM

Re: If i get my blackberry storm unlocked...
socallaxman: Go for

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