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jgflow22 01-16-2011 05:15 PM

New LCD screen won't work
Blackberry Storm (the first version)

Replaced a cracked, but still fully functioning screen with a new LCD screen. Now the new LCD does not visually work. The phone keys (green send and red disconnect, that are below the screen) work and light up and seem to function. There is a very dim and low glare that seems to be around the edges or in the background. But it is very, very dim at the most. Absolutely no image on the LCD. The green and/or red blinking phone indicator light is functioning normally. The phone seems to work fine as well.. I push the green send key and the phone will dial out as I hit the keys on the LCD screen, and it will dial numbers, though I don't know what numbers, since I can't see them. Lol!! I'm just pushing the LCD screen. The problem seems to be solely that the LCD will not visually present any image.

Is there any sort of reset or procedure to be followed or used when installing a new LCD screen? Or is there any sort of compatibility issue? Yes!! I do have the correct LCD screen for the phone. The yellow cable (014).. I do know the green cable was for the newer Storms. I do have the correct part.

Thanks for any help.. kind of at a standstill here trying to get this thing working now, after it was fully functioning even with a cracked screen, and now a NEW LCD WON'T WORK.

Thanks for any and all advice..


smith67 01-17-2011 05:13 AM

Re: New LCD screen won't work
I've replaced LCD screens on other phones in the past and from what you describe it sounds like it isn't connected up properly. The only advice I would give is to open it up again and check the cable is seated in the slot properly and check that all connections are good. From experience I've found these repairs more of a xxxxx than you would expect but generally work after a fiddle around. Sorry for the use of technical terms there ;-)
I wouldn't expect there to be any other procedure to follow other than connecting it up and booting up the phone - tho' you never can tell 8-)
Good luck

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