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FenrisFiasco 03-09-2011 07:01 PM

Another Annoying Unlock Fail
I'm sure everyone is really over seeing these unlock issues (I've spent the last two hours reading them to try and find a solution without asking, there's a LOT of them), I got the unlocked 9530, I followed the directions repeatedly on the awesome sticky...I still have no usable device.

What I have correct:
it IS showing that ATT is my mobile network
it IS showing correct APN information
Service books etc seem to have been loaded (and reloaded repeatedly) correctly

What isn't working:
Everything; SOS on the signal.

When I go to register in the host routing table it just ques my registration message for later when data coverage is available-that doesn't seem like that's just going to happen. Followed provided link to BIS (yes I DO have a data plan) as instructed and received message that my device is not registered and proceeds to instruct to send the registration via routing table thing mentioned above.

Also, while I was bored and waiting on it to reboot for the sixth millionth time, I fixed the whole "Activation Required" message from some instructions elsewhere...its not annoying me with that anymore buuut it does now say I should insert sim-it has been inserted for the last five hours.

Someone please advise! On...any of these issues. I've been phoneless now for the entire day, if it were just the data it would suck but who knows how many calls and texts I've missed now.


whenimcool 03-16-2011 09:16 PM

Re: Another Annoying Unlock Fail
You're using a Verizon 9530 to an AT&T plan, right? Go to Options>Mobile Network. Mobile Network should be AT&T....further down.....Network Technology should be set to GSM/UMTS......further down........Network Mode should be set to 2G. Of anyone does not agree, I know I'm not an expert. Thanks.

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