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NAZTY 03-27-2011 11:37 AM

9500 Storm Black Screen
I recently purchased a 9500 storm & on the 1st day it started giving me trouble with the screen going black. After a while it would return to normal on its own or if it didnt would have to do a battery pull for around a minute & would be ok for a while & go black again.
I downgraded software to v417.0.111 but still the same. I upgraded to v5.0.0.1413 but now it just stays on black.
I have tried a battery pull for 1 minute, 5 min & even just over 30 min bno change, just black.
No visible liquid or impact damage.
I have noticed & read a few threads regarding this topic & havnt found a suitable solution.
Can some of you BB fundies/experts please brainstorm this & assist the many people like myself solve this issue please.

Dubdub 03-27-2011 11:47 AM

Re: 9500 Storm Black Screen
I assume that you purchased it used?

My suggestion, given the problems you are experiencing, is to return it and get your money back. If it was new, return it for a replacement.

The issues you describe could be caused by many things. Your problems are indicative of a device which has been caused by dropping or water, even though there is no water damage indication. Even a little moisture, say from a steamy shower area or sweat, can cause some of the problems you have.

Also, the motherboard could be damaged, the screen damaged or has a short in the connection. Almost impossible to pinpoint with taking it apart.

If you insist on keeping it, I would find an authorized repair center and let them have a go. However, my guess is that it will cost more to fix than to replace.

What do you consider a suitable solution?

NAZTY 03-27-2011 12:08 PM

Re: 9500 Storm Black Screen
Thanks for the fast reply Dub...
Yes it is 2nd hand & I did pick it up at a bargain. I have my own repair shop & am very clued up on repairs of other makes but have only recently started with BB hardware repairs. I like a challenge & have seemed to have found one after reading the various posts on the subject.
I'm not sure if this problem could be just software related & dont want to try any physical repairs until I know for sure that it isnt just the OS.
Also I am not sure what would cause the prob on the hardware side. I just need a bit more info before I can start experimenting.
Any ideas or diagrams or any help what so ever would be appreciated.


Dubdub 03-27-2011 12:34 PM

Re: 9500 Storm Black Screen
Might check Youtube for repair hints.

We are not connected to RIM at all so no diagrams. Perhaps a member with expertise in screen repair/replacement will comment soon.

rambo47 03-27-2011 05:28 PM

Re: 9500 Storm Black Screen
Just the fact that you tried a completely different OS version and had the same problem indicates it's a hardware fault, not software.

marineroplayero 09-12-2011 06:27 PM

Re: 9500 Storm Black Screen
it is a faulty screen. Same thing happended to me on my storm and this is the second screen that I will need to replace. Never dropped or hit it. It is humidity.
I am selling my storm after this.
Try downloading BBSAK, it is a software that resulted very useful to me and this way I could actually "see" what was on the black screen (through my laptop screen).
good luck

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