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BIBA 03-31-2011 04:03 AM

Google search won't go past Vodafone Live!
9520. v5.0.0497

I open my browser (set to Internet Broswer as opposed to My Web or Hotspot Browser) and put into Google Search 'phones' (for example). I click on GO and it comes up with the Vodafone Live search that tells me it has found 5 results (millions on my PC) with a 'reminder' that these are 'sponsored' results and may not reflect the search I made!

I cannot search the web under any conditions. I have tried until I feel like chucking the phone away in despair.

Can anyone tell why I cannot get past the Vodafone Live web page, even though I have set my browser to Internet Browser . . . . just seconds before my search?

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