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josueavila 05-10-2011 05:15 PM

Another Question Regard Storm2
Hi Everyone in kind of new in this topis and i would like to explain my scenario so you can give me your adivice.

I use to live at the US for the past 4 years. then i had to came back to Mexico again (Work VISA Expired) i have two BB Storm2 Verizon, Mine and my wife's device. We came here and a guy unlocked so I can insert a TELCEL Chip in it. it works for both of them , then i decide to get a Voice Plan (mandatory for 18 Months) and my wife remains with Prepay scenario , the fact is that TELCEL offers Data Plan across PrePay Scenario , so my wife charge extra money and her BB Storm2 never worked we went to TELCEL so they might configured and the told us it is not posible (just like that..).. ... , :( , and even worst they wont give us our money back .. ja ja (descent people!!!).

Well since i've been reading here in this forum , what I understand is that if i extend my Voice Plan (postPay) scenario with a Data Plan and contract a PostPay scenario for my wife.. it will work under PosPay contract.. I just want to be sure prior contract this cause i dont wanna pay again since they wont refund me my money back.

Really appreciate your feedback and hope you can help me .. regards

Dubdub 05-10-2011 05:40 PM

Re: Another Question Regard Storm2
Did you have a BB data plan on your account when you were in the US? If so, you might not have closed it and the PIN has not been released.

Or TELCEL gave you a standard data plan and not a BB data plan.

As for what TELCEL has to offer and how things work, you will need to be patient until someone using that carrier can offer advice.

josueavila 05-10-2011 06:21 PM

Re: Another Question Regard Storm2
HI :
Yes i had a data plan with Verizon , I canceled on my retrun, TELCEL gave me a standar data plan without data plan , now Im not pretty sure if I Extend my plan with BB Data Plan services , they might be able to configure my BB over their NetWork .. think they are providing BB Data Plab and at the Top of Mobile Network says EDGE and edge without dataplan .. is that the GSM network ?

well i guess i will need to take the risk .. apreciate your advice.


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