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RJLOMMD 05-17-2011 09:11 PM

Lots of duplicates in Storm calendar
All of a sudden today my sync with Outlook 2010 resulted in many --too many--duplicate items on the Storm calendar. I haven't had this problem since the first couple of months with the Storm --and that was over 2 years ago (using Outlook 2003 back then).

I tried changing the sync set-up to a one way from Outlook to device with no result, i.e., still many duplicate entries.

Is there a way to delete all the calendar entries from the Storm first and then do a one-way sync from Outlook? My Outlook calendar is fine (no duplicates) so I'm thinking that if I can delete ALL calendar entries from the Storm --just like when it was new-- and then do a one way sync my problem would be solved.

But how do I delete all the items from the calendar? Do I just delete the calendar?

I'd really be thankful for any assistance. I'm really very happy with my little old Storm. My kids and my wife are now all Google/Android crazy, but they can's easily sync with Outlook like I can.

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