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raghu999 12-09-2011 10:31 PM

Help.....for BB-9530 internet
I have Blackberry 9530 v- 1688 platform I am with Reliance GSM corporate SIM connection.Thats why I cant activate BIS or BES. Before few days I searched to run internet thru Blackberry, I got I have to change Service book Legacy by typing "4 ? 2 ?" and to change service book setting by Browser_via_TCP_all_network_beta_V1.1. It appeared Browser and Email on my set. I was able to Blackberry application world,brwsing etc. even by device as well as by connecting device to PC.
During some visit on net browsing I got to register with Verizon Blackberry Internet Services i.e. there I registered with my PIN number and my official email id.It turned to blunder....I am unable to my all above services,Even by BB browser and Opera mini too.It looks like blocked.Even when I tried to connect download application through Blackberry website, it says "Content protection enabled,please disable it from device"...i saerched to disable it...there is no option to disable content protection.
I get to contact to Reliacne, they told "you cant access without BIS, even you are with GPRS pack.Than I wiped device with BBSAK....also tried to load lower version of OS i.e. version-4.7.Problem didnt exist.
When I put my SIM on any other mobile works internet,but not in Blackberry device.I have set back again on my Blackberry device as earlier with version -5.0 and with internet service book.
Now I have doubts..Is it blocked by IT policy?Is it locked again by verizon?Is its PIN has locked by Reliance....
Please guide me how to disable content protection to visit BB appn world and how can I again browse internet either by browser or by Opera.

Dubdub 12-09-2011 11:15 PM

Re: Help.....for BB-9530 internet
If you have service with Reliance, you cannot have it with Verizon at the same time.

If you are changing carriers to Verizon and the BB is a Verizon branded device, you need to call your old carrier and cancel your BIS account and service. You will then need to call Verizon and activate voice and BB data service with them.

If you are on BES, then you need to talk to your BES Admin before you switch carriers, OS and services.

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