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brain 02-07-2012 08:15 PM

Error 0x80040fb3 when synchronizing
BB Storm 9550
Windows 7
Outlook 2010
Exchange 2003 server
BB Desktop Manager 6.1 build 38.

I was able to synchronize the user's ~50 personal contacts the first time. I then added a public contact folder (on the Exchange server) to synchronize. This has never been a problem on any of the other several 8330/9330 and other BB's or even the user's prior BB.

Midway through synchronization, it generated error 0x80040fb3, leaving the BB with half the contents of the public contacts folder. After removing the public folder from the BB Desktop Manager and re-synchronizing, we get just a "Synchronization could not complete successfully" error.

I finally used the Desktop Manager to remove the contacts from the BB and start over. This time, it got to a different point in synchronization before failing.

I have spent now at least six hours removing all contacts, attempting synchronization different ways, even to the point of wiping the handheld and reinstalling the BB desktop manager, all the with same general result--failure at some point in synchronization.

Per research regarding the 0x80040fb3 error, I found that this can happen when there is a contact having an email2 entry but no email entry (and various combinations thereof involving email3); however, I have elminiated this possibility by searching as well as the fact that the same contact lists synchronize just fine onto other BB 8330/9330/9550 devices in the organization.

Furthermore, after wiping it, I added contacts to the Outlook/Exchange contact folder a few at a time. It always eventually fails to synchronize, but not always when the same contact has been added, so I do not believe it is content-related.

There is one thing that is relatively unique. This particular user has a VPN connecton between the computer and the BES, so synchronization is somewhat slower than for users on the LAN that includes the BES. That never caused a problem with BB Curves at the remote location, though.

Any ideas?

I captured the tif.log file, and near the bottom, I see this:

Seek Record #145 (0x00303004.800) ==> OK (0)
Record #145 [145, 145] was read, outcome=LeaveAlone/DeltaACK
ILTIFGetField.1 (rc=0) _UniqueID ==> len=4, val="-42\00"
TargetID HASH _UniqueID 00000000 --> 0000af6b (3 bytes)
AcceptOutcome(_UniqueID=-42) ==> rc=0
Seek Record #146 (0x00704004.000) ==> Skip&DontLog (-758)
Seek Record #147 (0x00704004.000) ==> Skip&DontLog (-758)
Seek Record #148 (0x00704004.000) ==> Skip&DontLog (-758)
Seek Record #149 (0x00704004.000) ==> Skip&DontLog (-758)

The "Seek Record #" continues through record # 329, after which there is what appears to be a more complete entry for #330:

Record #330 [330, 330] was read, outcome=Add
ILTIFGetField2.3 (rc=0) 1 First/Middle Name ==> len=6, val="Angie\00"

[About 30 more lines here, apparently one per field in the contact]

The file then ends thus:

RejectOutcome, ec=4019

tsac 02-07-2012 09:28 PM

Re: Error 0x80040fb3 when synchronizing

KB14818-"Error encounter. Error code 0 2033970036

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