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jamshadinho 10-17-2012 01:22 PM

balckberry storm 9550 freezing when calling,any way to solve this problem?
hi,i am using blackberry 9550,when i trying to call some one,call function is working fine,after calling is finished i can't ends the call,i pressed red colored end button and touch function but nothing works fine,i needs to reset the battery,i had this problem with almost 6 months,now today i also have major issue with this phone,the call log function is disappeared from the menu,then i tried to update shows u are running on latest firmware version,then i contacted service center, that's the really funny thing i ever had,they said that this phone bought it from out side India,so there is no way to repair this phone in India(means in Indian authorized blackberry service center),they also said that u can repair it on 3rd party repairing center,we offered more money to them but they refused it,then i forced him to buy a new Sony xperia p.then he bought it,and now he is pretty happy with that,now his wife is still using blackberry storm 9550,she still needs to repair it,it have 2 GB free space in phone memory and 7 GB free space in memory card,there is any way to repair this issue,please help me,other ways blackberry will loss their reputation,i also needs to know why blackberry authorized service centers not repairing their own a customer we can buy a phone in gulf our other foreign countries that's the customers option,why BB service centers not servicing their phones,that's really shame.we don't need a warranty we needs to repair it,we are ready to give the money what they wants.

NJBlackBerry 10-17-2012 01:28 PM

Re: balckberry storm 9550 freezing when calling,any way to solve this problem?
A couple of things..

Your note is unreadable; sorry.

This is a privately owned forum, not associated in any way with Research In Motion. Perhaps some of your questions should be addressed to them.

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