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laziebun 11-21-2009 11:12 PM

Standby turns on Slacker radio why?
So when i hit the standby mode (upper right button) the standby mode is activated and so is the Slacker radio. It did it also with Pandora radio. So i deleted Pandora thinking it was Pandora software. i think it started doing this after the OS update, but im not sure. To turn off the radio i have to hit the standby button and then go into slacker and turn it off. Anyone else having this issues???

daphne 11-22-2009 10:41 PM

I just tried this a couple of times but it did not turn on Pandora or Slacker. Did you double check to make sure you had shut down both? The back button does not shut them down, just puts them in the background.

ffejie 11-23-2009 12:55 AM

The standby button doubles as a mute button. If the application is running in the background, and you hit Standby - it will unmute Pandora or Slacker and you'll get an earful.

SplinterCell 11-25-2009 11:16 PM

If you fully exit out of Slacker this won't happen as explained by ffejie, accept it doubles as a pause/play button for Slacker. If I'm running Slacker I refrain from hitting the standby button as it pauses the music, use the lock instead.

ashman69 11-29-2009 12:19 AM

Not just a mute button but ur pause button that's y it plays when u hit it

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