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hot_wired13 01-21-2010 06:38 PM

Solved: Updating Non-camera Tour 9630 Firmware - real easy!
Hi guys,

I actually spent the greater half of my sleeping hours trying to figure out how to get the "official carrier" 5.0 (which is in the sticky) into my non-camera (Sprint) Tour 9630.

I kept getting the "The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have Blackberry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator"

Tried everything from ending processes, to reinstalling everything from Desktop Manager to the firmware package.. but nothing worked. Then, I decided to try something funky - the device.xml file!

Long story short, here's how you get a firmware which doesn't belong to your carrier to work for you on a NON-CAMERA Tour 9630:

1. Get the firmware .exe package from whatever leaked source or official sites
2. Install it. (Tip: If installation hangs halfway, reboot, and run the same exe again, but choose "Repair)
3. Delete the Vendor.xml from c:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader\
4. [This is the magic step!] Open up device.xml and do a search for your device, in this case, it would be:

                <!-- 9630 -->
                <os model="9630" radio="CDMA-GPRS" series="Niagara" Colour="True" Theme="Normal" JVMLevel="1.0" Camera="True" VideoRecorder="True" VoiceNotes="True" pttApp="True" Memory="Large" KeyboardType="Qwerty" SystemSize="normal" MMS="True" GPS="True" Sound="Tunes8700g" Bluetooth="True" Backdrop="68M_240x260" ThemeSupport="Enhanced" VAD="True" JPN_Input="True">0x0D000D04</os>

Now, change this part:




5. Save the file and run loader.exe
6. Ta-dah! DONE!

Hope this helps

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