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bblvr 03-13-2010 08:56 PM

calendar/profile help please! new to bb. When I got it set up both my emails to come into the bb. I didn't realize at the time that the calendar was associated with an email address. Right now the calendar is associated with an email address that I won't be do I keep the calendar but associate it with the other email (profile) without duplicating?
The email that I will be getting rid of wasn't showing up on my bb for some I deleted the email and added it again and it works great. However, when I went to sync to outlook on my computer, although it's the same name (the email address) it doesn't recognize it and wants to add my whole calendar I think it will duplicate everything.
Thus the plan while I'm in this mess to just associate it with the other email.
My thoughts would be to delete the calendar completely off the bb and then sync saying outlook overrides bb....but can't figure out how to do that either...and thought it best to ask the knowledgeable ones this conundrum! lol!
Any ideas!

Thank so much!

aiharkness 03-13-2010 09:31 PM

Wirelessly posted

Outlook sync's with the default calendar defined in default services. Open options > advanced options > default services and set the CICAL and CMIME addresses to the same. Don't pick the address you will be droppoing. And the CICAL must be the same as the CMIME address.

bblvr 03-13-2010 11:28 PM did that. The message I get is...
The default service for your devices Calendar is no longer available. The new service for sync is (the other email address)

Click ok to continue sync your data with new default service
Click cancel to stop sync, revist default service options on your device and try to use your original default service from the last time you synced. On your device click the options icon, then Advanced options>default services

so I click ok.

it updates what is going to be synced...and it says what it's going to add to my device...which is the number of apptmts in my calendar (which are alot and definitely don't want it duplicated!) lol!
Yikes! Help!

bblvr 03-14-2010 12:11 AM

Can I wipe my calendar without losing the calendar application and then sync from outlook to bb.,
Also..can I have a calendar that is not associated with email address?

aiharkness 03-14-2010 02:33 AM

Wirelessly posted

You will need to use one of the calendars associated with an email addresses in order to sync with Outlook. There may be others, such as a calendar for the facebook app (I hear), but if you select that it won't sync (I hear).

You could try clearing all the calendar databases and then re-sync.

stratonick 03-14-2010 10:17 PM

BB Calendar "Re sync's"

Originally Posted by bblvr (Post 1579358)
Can I wipe my calendar without losing the calendar application and then sync from outlook to bb.,
Also..can I have a calendar that is not associated with email address?

here's a nice internal command set that works wonders from a BES associated blackberry for the calendar:
-connect your handheld to your PC (if your syncing your BB to outlook calendar on your PC)
-open your calendar icon from your Blackberry
-hit the "blackberry key" and scroll through the menu, and select "options"
-on the "calendar options" screen type: rset

Dont know if this works for "wired sync" to local outlook calendar, as u have it - works wonders on BES activatied Blackberry's!

bblvr 03-15-2010 02:14 AM this is what I did and it worked!
I have 2 computers (laptop and pc) I always sync with the calendar is up todate.
I had 4 calendars (apparently!) on my bb.
one email (that I didn't want anymore and this is where my calendar was associated)
facebook calendar (definitely didn't want this one)
default calendar
another email (that I wanted to have associated to calendar if I had to have an email associated)
On bb
1. Go to Options > Advanced Options > Default Services
2. Verify the correct email address is shown for Calendar (CICAL):
3. Press the back arrow and save the changes if prompted.
4. In the Advanced Options menu, choose Service Book
5. Highlight the entry for the calendar you do not want. This will appear as [email address] [CICAL] (not CMIME as this is for your email messages not calendar)
6. Press the menu key and choose Delete

By deleting a CICAL, any calendar entries associated to it are moved to a Device Default calendar. I did this with all calendars except the last email that I wanted to use the calendar with.
All of the info got moved to this email...and the default dissappeared because there was only one left (I guess!) Then I did a backup on my laptop using the bb desktop software just incase my plans to sync with pc wouldn't work. (but it did)

Then I went to PC and synced with outlook overriding bb.
Perfection!! Worked like a charm!

Thanks for all of your input!

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