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Default How I got my Bold 9650 to sync w/ Linux KDE-PIM

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I hope I'm putting this in the right spot, and I hope it's helpful. I know there is another post on syncing, but this one syncs it with KDE, which is what I use. If it's in the wrong place, I'm really sorry.
I'm using Canteras 3C, a Mepis remaster, and it also works with Mepis 8 and a BlackBerry Bold (a BoldBerry) and I wanted them to play nicely together as I don't want to sync my phone & computer in some else's clouds. Maybe my Centro & Kpilot & Jpilot spoiled me. So I've been trying to get this to work by following different directions I found on the net. This finally worked, it's part of this article
and it will sync a BoldBerry with KDE-PIM. But some things are different than the article.

From (the name of the project)
Make sure you get the ones out of the folder for your distro ie. Debian, Fedora etc.
Once this grocery list is installed (I used aptitude) then you open a konsole and type

btool -t

This should return a list of files it found on the BlackBerry.
Then you can open barrybackup, in mine it is found Debian>Applications>Mobile Devices. Or you could just type barrybackup into konsole.

It will open up with the devices info filled in, and you just click the “back up” button.

Then I typed in a konsole
msynctool --addgroup Blackberry
msynctool --addmember Blackberry barry-sync
msynctool --addmember Blackberry kdepim-sync
I tried using the kitchensync method to set this group with the two members up, but I must have done something wrong. This worked.

You should be able to type into konsole
msynctool --showgroup Blackberry

and it should tell you that group 2, the KDE one doesn't have any configuration options available, and it should show how the barry-sync member is set up.
Now, to change what I want synchronized, I opened /home/cowgirl/.opensync-0.22/group1/1 and then chose the barry-sync.conf file. Now this is where I needed to differ from the article again. Mine came up with a device number filled in, but I had to change it to the PIN number (found by going to “option”>status on the BlackBerry)
This my barry-sync.conf file

# This is the default configuration file for the barry-sync opensync plugin.
# Comments are preceded by a '#' mark at the beginning of a line.
# The config format is a set of lines of <keyword> <values>.
# Keywords available:
# DebugMode - If present, verbose USB debug output will be enabled
# Device - If present, it is followed by the following values:
# PIN number - PIN number of the device to sync with (in hex)
# sync calendar - 1 to sync calendar, 0 to skip
# sync contacts - 1 to sync contacts, 0 to skip
# Password secret - If present, specifies the device's password in plaintext


Device 123a45bc 1 1
The 1 and the 1 after the PIN tells it to synchronize the calender & contacts.

I saved the file and closed it. Then opened Kitchensync and clicked “synchronize” and it DID! All contacts, calendars were there! Agenda, perfect! I used it to transfer all the addresses that didn't get transferred when I changed phones. My agenda from the BoldBerry went into KDE-PIM, and later I used KDE to add the addresses to the BoldBerry. The only kind of weird thing was it had to go back into the BoldBerry and re-add my pictures for my contacts. You know, the little picture of people that shows up when they call, it didn't delete any photos though.

Anyway, since some of the web instructions said to use Evolution, and I couldn't get it to download (conflicts) and this uses Kontact I thought I'd pass this along and maybe help someone else.
I am REALLY loving this BoldBerry now!

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